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City boundaries for Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi in the works?

Says so the following paragraph!

NESPAK to develop City Boundaries in 3 cities. Link (PDF).

NESPAK recently made presentations regarding existing & proposed city boundaries of Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan to respective Commissioners & other stakeholders. NESPAK is rendering urban planning services for analysing available data and other documents like master plans, structure plans, outline development plans and census reports. NESPAK is also responsible for interpretation of geographic boundaries of the cities and anticipating the pace and direction of future growth of these cities during the next 20 years on the basis of realistic and professional assessment.



Pakistan Railways is WOW!

Why again does Pakistan railways OWN land all over Pakistan? And then people keep encroaching on it. And it doesn’t fall under jurisdiction of the local authorities, i.e. local bodies cant really make railways follow the city guidelines for planning purposes.

Take so many railway crossings across Lahore. You have a nice road and then there is a bottle neck railway crossing, ancient and one car wide, and the powerless city planners cant even touch the crossing to make it conform to the roads needs?

Anyway, the sheer amount of land that the Railways has is mind boggling (need numbers here). Pity they dont know how to monetize it, billions(?) of rupees worth of land and property lying doing nothing! If you want to see, drive around the railways areas in Rawalpindi near Dhok Hassu on IJP road and the Moghalpura area in Lahore where major railways facilities lie.

The brilliant people of railways can neither put the land to good use nor are they able to provide quality services to their customers.

They also cant spell Corporate or Business.

Railways needs an audit of its land and the Govt. should recover all the land which Railways is putting to waste. Lean, mean business machine?

Pakistan Railways sadly is stuck in a time vortex, they need new blood and they need a damn strategy.

And someone rightly said, Hope is not a strategy.